Benefits of Commercial Fleet Wraps

Commercial fleet wraps are large vinyl graphics with printed text that cover the exterior of vehicles either completely or partially. They have specific colors, designs, and crucial information that advertises products or services to potential customers.

In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of commercial fleet wraps

Business advertisement

Since the market is oversaturated and competition is very high, with many businesses targeting the same audience, it is hard to get noticed. Earning impressions is essential but at the lowest possible cost. Commercial fleet wraps are used for marketing and increasing brand recognition since they have captivating graphics, designs, and information that advertise products or services to potential customers, attracting the attention of passers-by. The effectiveness of a marketing strategy significantly depends on the brand awareness it results in. They are the most efficient form of advertising.

Fleet wraps are effective and cost-effective

They are cheaper than other advertising methods, such as the use of media, billboards, posters, in-video ads, and campaigns that require one to spend a lot of money to reach a wider audience. In addition, they advertise for a long time without spending additional money, unlike other methods whose exposure pauses once one stops spending money.

Therefore, cost saving is massive and impossible to ignore. They are effective in the sense that other advertising methods are problematic. Many people may barely notice billboards. Online advertising (in-video ads), for example, a lot of people will mute or skip them since too much advertising is aggressive. On the same note, they must be reposted often and refreshed, making wraps more consumer-friendly and an active advertising method.

Increase in sales

An outstanding advertisement strategy should increase profits. Increasing the visibility of a brand generates more leads if contact information is included on the wrap; hence, people will be able to reach you regardless of where you are, making it an opportunity to make a sale.

Additionally, it builds the image and creates a sense of legitimacy for your company and, in return, a fantastic return on one’s investments. The higher the number of people that see your car wrap, the higher the chance they will use your product or service since they act as mobile billboards and work 24 hours a day. Fleet wrap advertising does not stop when the car is moving or parked somewhere, since people will still see the wrap even from a distance, maximizing the exposure for your business.

Protects the original coating

They preserve the vehicle’s original coating and do not cause paint damage. Additionally, they act as barriers against dents from road debris, scratches, rust, touch-ups, and fading since high-quality vinyl is UV resistant. Therefore, this keeps the car in ideal condition and significantly reduces maintenance costs. Furthermore, they increase the car’s resale value in case one wants to sell it in the future. With that, a fleet wrap is a great activity for companies that want to retain the value of their cars.

Market testing

Fleet wraps are quick to install, change or remove, making them an efficient move for market testing if one is thinking of venturing into a new business or launching a new product. This makes using wraps a great and low-risk way of gauging people’s reactions. If the test is not responsive and does not pick well, it is easy to change the design, graphics, and text. Therefore, vehicle wraps are an inexpensive way to get a new look compared to getting new paint.

They are durable and long-lasting

Fleet wraps create a lasting impression on potential customers for a longer period without degrading. A high-quality vinyl has incredible durability, lasting up to 8 years if well maintained.

Availability in different sizes

Fleet wraps are available on the market either as window coverings, sports graphics used to cover a small part of the vehicle, partial vehicle wraps, which cover a few sections, or full vehicle wraps that cover the whole vehicle. This gives options to businesses and companies depending on the amount of capital they want to spend.


The use of fleet wraps is the most guaranteed marketing option, bringing forth an undisputable increase in sales since the message reaches a large multitude. Hence, you are maximizing your business exposure and awareness for a long period. Furthermore, it acts as a barrier that prevents coating damage, maintaining its value.

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